Hi. My name is Cathy Ormerod. I've been making art and designs for purposes of branding, selling, informing and entertaining. I currently work at Wieden + Kennedy as a Senior Designer. While there I have collaborated on projects for Old Spice, P&G, Nike, Starbucks, Samsung, KFC, Electronic Arts and American Indian College Fund. This includes new business pitches, print and digital campaigns. While big agency work has given me many opportunities I relish the occasional branding and design projects I work on for small business owners. I bring big agency experience to small companies! And believe that good design is functional and considered. Successful design solves a problem and creates a lasting connection. Both with potential customers and with the owner themselves and their own brand identity.

I love sports! And everything they teach and have brought into my life. The clubs and teams I have been a part of have helped shape my character and made me a better person and teammate in all my endeavors.

For fun outside of design I enjoy traveling, kite surfing in the Gorge, standup paddle boarding, camping, playing my bass guitar, taking pictures, and just wandering around sometimes.

I fly Cabrihna kites, ride North Pacific and Ocean Rodeo kite boards, and play a Fender Jazz bass plugged into a Markbass amp... in case you were wondering.

You can contact me at: